What a Man Cave Is All About

What a Man Cave Is All About

If you would like to have your own space in the house, an area where you are the one responsible for everything, including the decoration and the cleaning, a man cave is something that you should consider. Flowers and pretty colors are OK for most rooms of the house, but you need a room of your own that feels like it was designed by a man. In that room you can express yourself, you can keep your gadgets and man toys. You can also meet with your friends and have a beer, or watch a sports game on TV.

When you're designing this type of interior space you need to make sure it's based on something that you love. You can create a room that is about movies, or you can make something that revolves around your favorite sports team or poker. There are no rules here, as each man can be different and can have multiple interests. You might want to have the latest gadgets or you might want a place where you can show off your hunting trophies.

Whatever you decide to do, you should keep in mind that a manly room is about the man and his manliness. We have some tips for you below, which should help you with your man cave.


The theme of the room is whatever you decide. A lot of men go for sports or gaming themes, depending on their interests. You can always combine multiple themes, especially if you have enough space to combine themes properly. Remember that this room is an area where you will have fun and where you can relax, so choose a theme that allows you to do that.


The colors in a man cave should be bold. Even though this is a manly space, you want everything to fit together well, so choose furniture that looks good and is appropriate. The light fixtures should be both in the ceiling and on the ground. Using sconces and floor lamps allows you to obtain a warmer atmosphere. If you go for a sports themed room, then collectibles, jerseys and trophies are great. If you want a gaming space, use posters, action figures and consoles.

The best colors for manly areas are usually red, brown, moss green, blue and orange. The colors of your favorite sports team might also work well.


Seating furniture is very important in a space like this. Buy a good couch and comfortable chairs. A lot of men choose leather furniture for their rooms. Keep in mind your friends and get enough seating for all of them.


The typical man cave should be inviting and should give you plenty of things to do. You should have a nice TV to watch games or movies on. You can also add a darts board, game consoles and a poker table.

The resulting room should be inviting and should be a place that your friends love to hang out in.

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Payal Dwivedi