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Top 6 Tips for Building Better Mobile Apps

1. Use the right strategy:

Using research methods like surveys and interviews will help you create personas for those who are most likely to use your app. This will help in creating an app that is specific to the client’s needs. Mobile Application Development Companies are creating new and improved version of apps based on these surveys.

2. Designing for future:

Design is something that is not constant. It changes day by day so if we design for today by the time it is launched, hardware advances will mean your app is already behind. While creating an app, the app designers have to keep the future in mind at all times.

3. Quality Analysis and Testing:

Testing in mobile apps is something new but it is very impactful. With a wide variety of operating systems and mobile networks and tens of thousands of mobiles available in the market, it becomes challenging to ensure that the app runs smoothly. The app users do not want to waste time dealing with fixes and errors. It is necessary for the app to undergo Quality analysis and Testing.

4. Available on all platforms:

Every day users use apps across multiple devices and platforms – desktop, Web, smartphone and tablet. We need to make sure that our app is user friendly, attractive and is easily accessible. Make sure the app is available on all platforms from the very basic to the highest platform one can access.

5. User Experience:

Be clear in your mind about one primary purpose and work on it. Don’t give too many options to the client, it will only confuse them. Instead study the needs properly and give your client that one option which you feel will give her the best experience. Mobile user experience includes the user’s perceptions and feelings before, during and after the interaction. With any mobile, the only concern should be convenience of the customer. Design with your end user by seeking input at every step of the way and putting yourself in their shoes

6. Don’t add too many features:

You do not want your customers to get puzzled instead have an easy way around the app. Designs should be neat and clean. If the app has too many features, the customers will get confused and close the app so make simple and easy to use apps.

The success of your mobile apps depend on how familiar the app is to your customers. Do not copy a design from others yet make sure that it is accepted. Apps that are familiar are easily accepted than others.

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Kajal Sharma