Making Life Simpler for Remote and Mobile Workers

Making Life Simpler for Remote and Mobile Workers

There is no question that enterprise IT organizations are facing forced change, when it comes to accommodating mobile and remote users. Across the board, industry analysts predict that, the demand for access to internal information from home, hotels, customer sites, remote offices and locations around the world is increasing, with no sign of plateau or decline in sight.

Given this irreversible trend to distributed work points, the challenge becomes, how to provide comprehensive, secure, and easy access to information, inside a company, from any location. This challenge becomes particularly acute for enterprise organizations with remote and branch offices, traveling sales / support / project personnel, or distributed networks of partners, suppliers and customers that require access to internal corporate resources in the desktop.

Midsize businesses that want to use technology to compete and grow are rapidly adopting mobile technology to enable their employees to work effectively outside the office. By 2013, the combined installed base of smartphones and browser-equipped enhanced phones will exceed 1.82 billion units. More and more employees stay connected to the office remotely and rely on WiFi, text messaging, smartphones, iPad, and cloud computing.

To react quickly to customers 'needs, organizations are decentralizing their work and moving them into the flow of their customers' lives. The result: a remote, distributed work that has to be incrementally self-sufficient. Also driving infrastructure and operations is a rising wave of smartphones, mobile applications, slates and tablets. Enterprises are more and more relying on service providers, which have experience in supporting mobile users and ever-changing mobile platforms across the globe, to add value by quickly resolving the remote access issue by using professional and managed services, to plug the organization's skill gaps .

Remote access to desktop data, even-though is most looked for, has several problems. Simplified access is always a complex; security is always a risk; and costs are always escalating with the increased demand for remote services and the need to update to the latest equipment.

The major problem faced in remote access is, privacy and security issue. When it comes to accessing the data stored in the desktop, there are two options. One is cloud computing and the other one is apps that mobilize the data. Providing simplified access for remote users is a difficult challenge. With regards to the mode of access, when it comes to usage of cloud computing, privacy and security issue comes to play.

Anytime, anywhere access to desktop data in a secured manner has become one of the most critical enterprise needs. The technological advancement today has laid a path to mobilize the enterprise file system.

Simple, Reliable Global Access – A company's users can access corporate data stored in the desktop from virtually any location in the world. Access is fast and simple.

The mobile workforce has access to a whole new world of possibilities with the up-come of competent mobile apps that can mobilize the entire desktop data. Mobile users can remotely access desks. Company information on secure servers is now easily accessed directly on the smartphone.

Concurrent mobile access, which allows multiple users to access shared resources at the same time has also become important, to enhance the customer satisfaction. Apps with brilliant concurrency module provides best usability and performance, giving you the power of enterprise grade mobilization.

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