Compare eBook Readers - Don't Pick the Cheapest eBook Reader With the Biggest eReader Discount

Compare eBook Readers – Don’t Pick the Cheapest eBook Reader With the Biggest eReader Discount

As Christmas approaches at its usual frightening pace the time to thoroughly compare eBook readers is getting short. The news of supply shortages at both Barnes and Noble (Nook) and Sony (Daily Edition) will not help you either, in your search for the cheapest eBook reader with the biggest eReader discount.

I’m asked many times on my blog and also on my travels while I’m using one of my own readers, what is the best device on the market at present? A simple question, one that you would expect a simple answer for but unfortunately there is only one way to discover that answer and that involves a little detective work.

If you have been looking already you will be aware of the current crop of electronic reading devices. The front runners are the two mentioned above and obviously the two Kindle models, the DX and the cheaper and now international Kindle2. When comparing eBook readers it is difficult to do so like for like as they really are all different and it is down to your personal needs that should shape your choice.

That said, there are some critical areas that need to be considered, not just which is the cheapest or is discounted the most but more importantly what books can you actually download and read on your chosen gadget. Will it allow you to connect with the books you want to read and are those books paid for or free.

The long delays on delivery announced by Sony and B & N have removed two models (the Nook and Daily Edition) that allow access to vast quantities of free content – both support both the ePub and Adobe PDF standard – and the ability to purchase your titles from a selection of online book stores. Of the remaining wireless models only the DX of the Amazon range allows for reading PDF and neither support ePub naturally. Another wireless model on the market at present is the iRex DR 800SG. This will allow you to download free content as it does support ePub plus iRex have a joint venture with Barnes and Noble online so you are not tied to purchasing from only one source.

If the Amazon Kindle 2 or DX are not for you and wireless is not that important to you – you just need to top up your library from your PC Internet connection and USB cable before you travel – then there are other models around that are still available for delivery before 2010.

The Ectaco jetbook is worthy of your consideration as are the Cool-er and BeBook but for the same money you can pick up the new Sony Pocket Edition. It’s not wireless but it does what it says on the tin…it reads electronic books with no nonsense. Or if you are feeling a little more flush check out the Sony Touch Edition, touch screen, ePub and PDF support and of all the devices, the best looking by far.

As you can see, your choice should not be made on which one is the cheapest e book reader or which manufacturer gives the biggest eReader discount, though if your chosen model does give you one or the other (or both) that’s a bonus, but you should compare eBook readers thoroughly prior to purchase. One thing you should not do is settle for a device that does not meet your needs, even if that means waiting a little longer to get the one of your choice.

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